Orgelserie Vredeskerk 2019

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André van Vliet 15 november 2019
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Bätz (1739-1849)

The Bätz organ building dynasty is one of the most important in Dutch history. 
It started in 1739 when the German born Johann Heinrich Hartmann Bätz started his own firm after having apprenticed with J.C. Thielemann in Germany and having worked with Christian Müller on the large organ in the Bavo in Haarlem.

J.H.H. Bätz built 16 new instruments and worked on many more. His organs are all of outstanding quality. They have a gentle, singing quality, though with all stops pulled are capable of supporting congregational singing very well. 
His most impressive instruments were the ones built for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in The Hague and the Grote Kerk in Zierikzee, the latter of which was destroyed in an 1832 fire.

Johann Heinrich Hartmann Bätz died in 1770. 
The company was taken over by his two sons, Gideon Thomas and Christoffel. Christoffel started his own company in 1778, though he continued to work with Gideon when necessary. They built about 20 new instruments, most of which were one-manual village organs. Their organs are also of very high quality. Christoffel died in 1800, and his two young sons went to live with Gideon. Both of them became organ builders and together they took over their uncle’s business when he died in 1820. The two brothers, Jonathan and Johan Martin Willem built several new instruments, once again of outstanding quality and sound. Johann died in 1836 and his brother in 1849. The company was taken over by one of the employees, a German born organ builder called Christian Gottlieb Friedrich Witte. He called the company Bätz-Witte but signed the contracts with Bätz & Co. His son Friedrich continued the company until 1902.

Okke Dijkhuizen plays the 1779 Gideon Thomas Bätz organ (I-p-11) in the Reformed Church in Heukelum.
Geert Bierling plays the 1827 Jonathan and Johan Martin Willem Bätz (Bätz Brothers) organ (II-p-23) in the Grote Kerk in Harderwijk.
Sietze de Vries plays the 1762 Johann Heinrich Hartmann Bätz organ (3 manuals) in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in The Hague.